We've put together some information to help you understand what our products are made of. 

All our products are professionally printed and constructed to ensure you get the finish you're after. 


Heavy Duty Corflute (5mm thick fluted plastic)

- Available for our InstaFrames 

Corflute is lightweight, sturdy and water resistant. Its the perfect material for your InstaFrame as its easy to hold up and being weather resistant, can handle wet weather or the accidental drink spill. 

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Foam Board

- Available for our Welcome Signs and Milestone Posters 

When you order this material, your artwork is mounted onto lightweight foam board. This allows you to place your sign directly onto an easel. 

Foam Board comes in a beautiful professional finish making it perfect for all events. 

Mounted Poster


Poster Paper (High definition 200gsm)

- Available for our Milestone Posters 

This material is made of tear resistant material. Being poster paper, we recommend it be framed before you display it. 

It comes in a beautiful professional matte finish. 

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